Fundraise and Save Lives

Fundraising through the Butt Kickerz Run mean more screenings, care, and cures for families and supporters of those impacted by colorectal cancer. 

Let's kick colorectal cancer's butt by working together. 

You don’t need special skills to be successful as a fundraiser – you just need to share your story of why you are running/walking and inspire your friends and family to give.

In fact, we bet you’ll be surprised how many people will want to support you – you just have to ask! Check out the tips and ideas below to help you meet and exceed your fundraising goal.

Collecting Donations


Butt Kickerz Saving Lives

We know fundraising can be a bit intimidating and so we have put together some simple tips and tricks to help get your initiatives off the ground and to jumpstart your fundraising success.

  • Donate to yourself to get the party started. You’ll even receive Butt Kickerz swag for being a self-donor!

  • Ask three family members, friends and colleagues to sponsor you for $20 each.

  • Share your fundraising pages on social media. Tag us at #ButtKickerzRun and we'll tag you back! We're big fans of social outreach!  

Team work


Butt Kickerz Unite



  • Start early – don’t procrastinate

  • Post your fundraising goal on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  • Email friends and family encouraging them to donate and join your team

  • Challenge your loved ones to help you raise $200 by getting 10 people to donate $20

  • Remember why you’re raising this money and keep a positive attitude, even when you’re turned down

  • Ask everyone and ask often!


  • Encourage coworkers to join your team or form a company team.

  • Ask your company about matching gifts – click here to learn more.

  • Host an ice cream social for your coworkers.

  • Work with HR to organize a dress-down day if you meet your goal.

  • Ask your if company can sponsor an event.

  • Hang a “donation thermometer” above your desk at work. Your coworkers will want to help that red line get higher!


  • Design and sell t-shirts to rally friends and family.  Have fun with clever team names like Rumpshakers, Strollin’ for the Colon, Rear in Gear - and more!

  • Host a party and accept donations in lieu of gifts. 

  • Add a link to your personal Run page in your email signature.

  • Carry donation forms with you and ask for a donation on the spot.

  • Send personal thank you notes to your donors.

  • Hold a restaurant fundraiser at your favorite neighborhood spot.

  • Walk neighbors’ pets for donations.

  • Donate your yard sale profits.